These fish are the brutes of the flats.  Pound for pound, there is nothing on the flats that puts up more of a fight.  From five to forty pounds, they are tough.  This is the hardest fish on the flats to feed a fly to.

As water starts to warm up in the backcountry and flats in late February, the permit move in.  March through April is a great times to target Permit.  Towards the end of April most of the Permit will have left the shallow waters of the backcountry to head to the offshore reefs and wreck to spawn.  By June the spawn is over and the Permit return and are back for action.  June and July are especially good due to less fishing pressure this time of year.  It’s a perfect time to come down and target Permit.  Permit still can be found throughout most of the year in the backcountry channels and flats. Although the forementioned months are prime. The ocean side flats also hold their fair share of Permit. 

You can spin fish or fly cast for Permit.  Fly fishing is definitely the harder of the two.  Even though I personally love to flyfish for Permit, it takes a lot of skill and patience to entice a Permit to eat a fly.  I guess it’s the challenge that lures me personally into doing it.  Spin fishing is a little easier because we normally use a live crab.  Accurate casts are still a must.  I have seen a lot of Permit bolt off a flat into a channel or deep water due to a foul cast.  Once you are hooked up with one of these fish you will understand why we put so much effort into catching them.  These fish are incredible fighters.  It’s not uncommon to spend 30 minutes landing one.

From a novice to an expert, this fish is worth seeking out.  Long battles are common.  Permit are smart and tough, and are my personal favorite fish to catch.  So if you have never caught one, you need to.  If you have caught a Permit before, than you know what I am talking about.  Come join us in some of the best Permit flats fishing in the world. 

Permit Fishing Permit Fishing Permit Fishing Permit Fishing