The Gray Ghost, the Silver Bullet, These slang names are for good reason.  They can be transparent in the water and gone in a second.  Watch 100 yards leave your reel in the blink of an eye.  Come sight fish them on the flats with spinners or fly tackle. Probably the most sought after fish on the flats.  Florida Keys bone fishing is what started it all.  These fish are smart, fast, and nearly invisible.  Bonefish are very wary.  It doesn’t take much to send them to the deep water.  Sight fishing bonefish in 6” to 18” of beautiful clear water is on of the most tranquil moments in flats fishing.  After spotting the gray ghost and your heart stops racing, it is time to make that well placed cast.  After the hook set you will be in for the thrill of a lifetime.  Bonefish will pull out 100 yards of screaming drag in a second or two.  Fishing for bonefish on fly is a very productive way to fish for them.  It’s the stealthiest way by far.  In the calm shallow water of the flats the fly makes very little impact when it lands.  This will keep him from high tailing it to the deep water.  March through October is the best months for bones in my area.  The warm water temperature brings them in.  Prime time is June and July.  Our average bones range in size from 3 to 8 pounds.  It is not uncommon to catch larger ones, around 10 pounds.  Like always with the big 3, it takes patience and some skill to conquer these fish.  Accurate casts are a must.  Whether you are fly fishing for bonefish or spin fishing for bonefish, accuracy is the key to your success.